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Lone Moose Lodge, Montana 


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Thank you for following along and all the encouragement. Here’s a little moose. #CopicArt #Moose

Thank you. I’ve lived in NC now for half of my life, but I grew up in Buffalo. I supported them the whole entire time, with a giant Sabres flag taking up half a wall in my already very tiny dorm room. And every time a person would come in that knew anything about hockey at all, they would make fun of it. But i kept that thing up there. I also wore the Miller jersey sometimes on game days, and got told we were going to get our asses kicked on multiple occasions by random people. 
But they’re my team, and I’ll never stop rooting for them!
(also yes, this is an old picture and like nobody in it plays for us anymore, and you spelled sabres wrong, but it’s the thought that counts.)


My life in 3 words.




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